Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling


Location One:

370 Virginia Avenue

Hagerstown, MD 27140

Phone: 301-766-0065

Fax: 301-766-9594

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Location Two:

11 S Lee Street

Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone: 301-729-0340

Fax: 301-729-0341

ADAC provides comprehensive evaluations of one's alcohol and/or drug use by utilizing

assessment tools approved by the State of Maryland and recognized by many

national substance abuse organizations.





An Evaluation session takes about 60 minutes to complete. It involves many questions and self reports regarding one's usage or history of usage. Factors such as legal, medical, and family background are considered. However, the accuracy of such evaluations are effected by one's honesty to disclose. For this reason, factual information such as: number of legal charges, breathalyzer reading, and employer urine testing results are considered.


It is ADAC's philosophy to look at each individual as a person and not a peg to be fit into a hole. Everyone is different and unique; their circumstances vary from one another. Each person has a different experience, understanding, and interpretation of the situation. We respect their ideas and impressions of themselves. Evaluation tools used are approved by the State of Maryland.


The State of Maryland COMAR regulations however, do identify certain criteria that need to be recognized as problematic.• They are as follows:


 Subsequent offenses

 History of other substance related charges

 Inpatient treatment or other outpatient treatment history for substance abuse


These criteria are recognized by court systems and all state licensed substance abuse programs. However, it is still the discretion of the qualified substance abuse counselor to make the final determination.




Length of treatment is based on severity of needs and ASAM (American Society of Addictions Medicine) level of care. 26 Weeks/6 Months is identified in State Comar Regulations.


The state of Maryland identifies 12 hours of education as a suggestion for 1st time DUI offenders.

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