ADAC views every person coming through the door as an individual person and strives to mold a specific program to meet the needs of the individual. We realize that not everyone has the same background and the same needs.


Recovery is a process!


10 years of substance abuse does not abruptly change or halt in 6 months. Recovery is acquired through hard work on ones self and not just by abstaining. ADAC is willing to work with an individual as long as it takes, if commitment and determination is present.



Many treatment modalities are available such as group counseling, education, urinalysis, individual, couples, family or a combination of several methods.


An initial session is scheduled to determine what treatment modality is appropriate.



Treatment is focused on personal issues of crisis, pain or discomfort that the client is not able to share in a group setting or may be inappropriate in a certain treatment modality (i.e.: education)



An average of 12-15 Members focusing on issues of abstinence, denial, adjustment, and relapse concerns. A willingness to disclose, listen and accept feedback will enhance the group process.



12 Hours of informational material performed in a eight session series. Meets Motor Vehicle requirements. Provides first time patients the opportunity to understand the process of addiction and the effects of substance abuse.



Partners can address issues surrounding the affects of substance abuse on their relationship. Rebuilding the relationship is the goal. The non substance abuser may need some individual sessions. To address concerns prior to the couples treatment. It takes two people to make a relationship work. Both need to accept their part in the problems at hand.



Everyone in a family is affected by substance abuse. Children and adolescents may need some individual attention prior to a family united session. The partner not experiencing a substance problem may also need some individual attention. Family roles, expectations and needs are addressed. family dynamics are complicated and can take time to change. Commitment and persistence are necessary


Emergency Intervention:

Sometimes family is concerned about a loved one who continues to use substances and is creating ongoing problems. A group of concerned individuals (Family, neighbors, friends, coworkers etc.) will meet to discuss their concerns and learn of the addictive process. A session is then scheduled to confront the user with all group members present. Usually an inpatient facility will be arranged and waiting following the intervention.


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