ADAC Staff:

Deanna Bailey


Deanna Bailey is the Program Director of ADAC. Her experience involves 35 years of direct counseling services in accredited Maryland state agencies. This includes over 2,000 hours of certified training and clinical supervision. In January of 1984, she became certified in the state of Maryland as a Certified Alcoholism Counselor. On June 30, 1991, her credentials were promoted to National Certified Addiction Counselor II.


The Maryland State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists authorized Ms. Bailey as a Certified Associate Counselor-Alcohol and Drug in February 2001. Her most recent addition was her certification as National Certified Gambling Counselor II in May 2011.


It was with pride that ADAC was opened in January 2000. From that date, clientele has increased and services have maintained a high quality of care. It is the goal of ADAC to continue providing the best services for the client and their needs.


James Reagan


James has been in the clinical field for over 50 years. He works directly with ADAC as an LCSW-C.

Janet Gaines


Janet Gaines is an addiction counselor at Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling (ADAC). She has been with ADAC since September 2014. She holds a Certified Supervised Counselor license through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. Her educational background includes an Associate of Arts Degree from Frederick Community College in Human Services. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social work from Hood College, and a Master of Social Work from University of Southern California. My experience encompasses both the formal and informal aspects of addictions, in that I am a recovering chemically dependent individual with an extensive personal history of Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Therapy. With 26 years of sobriety I recognize the therapeutic value of treating the whole person, e.g., Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders, as well as personal/emotional issues associated with childhood and/or other life experience. My gratitude is toward God and it is my desire to share the same compassion, hope, and understanding to everyone that I can.

Ken Stewart


Ken Stewart is an LCSW-C who has received his Bachelors and Master’s degree from Salisbury University. He has over 20’ experience in the mental health field. His background includes working in Adult Psychiatric Rehab programs, and Adult Mobile Treatment programs. He also did internship at the VA clinic and Hospice of Washington County. He has worked in addictions for 3 years.

Keisha Clopper


Keisha Clopper is an addictions counselor at Alternative Drug & Alcohol (ADAC). She has been with ADAC since August 2014. She holds a Drug/Alcohol Trainee through Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. Her educational background includes an Associate of Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services from Kaplan University, and a Master of Psychology with an Addictions Focus from Kaplan University. During my Bachelors program, I focused on working with family and child welfare, and my Master’s program focused primarily on Opiate’s. My goal as a counselor is to be able to work with individuals, and their families, that are struggling with addiction and educate them on coping skills, triggers and relapse prevention. I also hope to be able to work with adolescents to be able to deter them from having to struggle with addiction. This could mean education, coping skills, acknowledging ACOA behavior, and family sessions. I hope to be able to share my compassion for helping other to make a difference with this Cause that impacts so many.

Donald Tiffany


As a recovering addict, myself, with over 7 years of sobriety, I consistently emphasize the benefits of understanding the individual coping with addictions a whole person to better assist and plan the best approach for treatment possible for them. With an extensive personal history with addiction and years of personal, successful cessation therapy, group behavior therapy, and therapeutic guidance as a treatment method, I value and am passionate about. From fulfilling my internship in 2016 to become a counselor, I found that the ADAC organization as inspiring. My bond with the ADAC company and staff have confidently promoted me to accept the opportunity after my internship to become a fully employed Trainee Counselor. Through my personal struggle to overcome addiction, support, and the education I have obtained, continues to drive my desire and passion to be a helping to others attempting to overcome the obstacles of addiction through an individual recovery process.

Jessica Schmidt


Jessica is a substance abuse counselor at the Cumberland., MD location. She came on board with ADAC in January 2017 after working in many other practices in the area. She has held her Trainee License since September 2015 and is currently continuing her education. In 2014 she began working in the Behavioral Health Field and has never looked back. Jessica is active in many community based recovery associations and organizations. She fully enjoys dedicating her time and efforts to helping all those who seek to find a new way of life.

Julianne Earley


Julianne Earley is an addictions counselor at Alternative Drug and Alcohol (ADAC) in our Cumberland, MD office. She has been with ADAC since August 2015. She holds a Trainee license through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. Her educational background includes a Bachelors in Science Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Addictions from Frostburg State University in 2015.

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