ADAC prides itself on understanding the ongoing process of addiction and substance abuse. This means an objective approach to treating the patient.

ADAC has developed a drug and alcohol program which provides quality and supportive service to those individuals, families and significant others who are in need of understanding their substance abuses or those of others.




Every person coming through the door is treated as an individual person with individual needs. Not everyone has the same issues, patterns, concerns, view point or ideas.


The main goal of treatment is abstinence. This is not always the philosophy of the patient, but one that is necessary for success.






ADAC offers a wide array of services for the community


· Outpatient Drug-Free and comprehensive drinking and driving program.

· Accredited, DMV approved evaluations

· Group counseling to support abstinence and aid in the resolving of substance abuse issues.

· Individual, couple and family counseling.

· Consultations and presentations.

· Specialty services in other areas of addictions such as gambling, adult child of alcoholics, codependency, and anger management

Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling


Location One:

370 Virginia Avenue

Hagerstown, MD 27140

Phone: 301-766-0065

Fax: 301-766-9594

email :


Location Two:

994 National Highway

Lavale, MD 21502

Phone: 301-729-0340

Fax: 301-729-0341

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